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LinkedIn  : linkedin.com/in/christinepalma
Web Portfolio: ChristinePalma.net
Radio: EchoInTheSense.com

Multimedia Content Creation Apps, Including: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate), Protools for Audio, Final Cut Pro and AVID for Video, Traditional Drawing and Design Skills.

HTML5 / CSS3; Wordpress; Javascript; Full Stack, Including: Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js; jQuery; AJAX; Bootstrap; AGILE Development and Git Workflow.


Creative Director / Art Director who has 20 years in web design, web development, project management, and over 23 years in radio production. I specialize in Wordpress websites, e-commerce, and creative and technical consultancy. I love what I do and I am looking for projects where I can help my clients find business solutions through intelligent design, effective technology, and engaging content.

I've been working as a designer and developer of websites and as a creative and technical consultant since 1997. Over the years, I've also had formal education in User Experience Design and in Full Stack Web Development; I bring this experience to bear in my role as a Creative Director.

My past web projects include work for recognizable corporate brands, such as, Warner Bros. Home Video, Warner Bros. Publishing, Warner Bros. Studio Store, and Ruby-Spears Productions. I've created websites in markets as diverse as film, broadcast, online entertainment, and e-learning, to websites for art dealers and museums, to manufacturers’ catalogs and online storefronts for consumer goods and professional services. I've also spent many years working in the film and television industry.

Years of experience developing online properties has given me insight into the special demands and opportunities presented by the web. I have a strong understanding of client dynamics and expectations. On a functional level, I've learned how to manage interactive accounts – from proposal, through the design and production period and through beta testing, to launch and promotion, and to maintenance of legacy sites and proper documentation. I understand the hard work involved to launch a successful website, of the amount of time each step requires, and an appreciation for what each member of the web team contributes.

Over the years, I've also worked in the Hollywood special effects and commercial production industry both as a Graphics Coordinator and a Project Manager. I've managed creative and technical teams of motion graphics and animation artists. Projects include main title graphics for film and broadcast, and motion graphics for trailers and commercials. Projects and clients include Borat, The Queen, Charlotte’s Web, Disney Channel, Disney Interactive and Miramax Films.

I graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, and minoring in Studio Arts. I continue to take design, programming, and multimedia specific courses, as well as, self-study. In 2015, I finished General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive program to become a full stack developer.

I'm also active in the Los Angeles arts community as a radio producer and host of a radio program. I've produced and hosted “Echo in the Sense,” a weekly hour-long radio program focused on public affairs topics, technology and the arts. The program is 23 years old and broadcasts on KXLU Los Angeles 88.9 FM.

I Love Design

15 years of front-end design has sharpened my aesthetic judgment. Good design is arresting; it stops you in your tracks and compels you to pay attention. In an age of disposable media, it is more important than ever to make a strong first impression.

I'm a Team Player

Having worked on both the production end and the project management side, I appreciate what each member of the team contributes. My experience can help me fill in the gaps. My organizational skills and project management background keeps things moving forward.

I Can Code

I live and breathe HTML and CSS. Know a thing or two about Ruby and Javascript. Can find my way around MVC and RESTFUL architecture. Know several stacks, including Ruby on Rails and MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js). Work with relational and non-relational databases. Can rock the terminal.



These are just a few examples of my web design aesthetic and creative direction.

More examples coming soon!

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Javascript & Mean Stack
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Rhymes Professional Writing Agency

Web Design
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Programming Fun & Games
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Experienced Electronics

Web Design
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Carmen Fitzgibbon - Yoga Teacher

Web Design
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Alexander 90210

Web Design
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Echo in the Sense

Web Design
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Web Design
with Wordpress
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