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Alexander 90210

Alexander Technique therapist based out of Beverly Hills.

The client is an Alexander Technique therapist who serves an upwardly mobile, Beverly Hills and Westside clientele. He works with a range of people, from athletes and actors, to people with disabilities. Alexander Technique is a system of paying attention to musculoskeletal alignment and changing ingrained habits that lead to poor posture and carriage and sometimes to pain.

The design priority was for a simple and elegant website that could still grab the viewer’s attention. This was accomplished in several ways. On the homepage, the main graphic is accompanied by a modern font treatment and this image is scaled up full screen and moves gracefully in a slow Ken Burn’s motion effect that is not commonly seen online. The image is of a fashionable woman, a model with ambiguous posture. The main navigation is hidden and is revealed through a magic menu that opens from the right hand side. The logo on the front page is clean and simple. The color palette consist of muted shades of “spa” blue to indicate that Alexander Technique is a special treatment, one that is holistic. The background pattern on the interior pages further reinforces the modern sensibility of the design.


Client: Alexander 90210

Project: Web Design and Development, Logo Design