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Flavio Bisciotti – Visual Artist

A multi-faceted individual with professional experience in the visual arts, in architecture and object making.

Flavio Bisciotti’s several deep areas of professional interest includes his artwork featured on the website I created, and also his company Bisciotti design+build and his championing of artists through his art gallery, FAB Gallery in Santa Monica. He is part of the local artist community in Venice, CA and his studio is a regular stop on the Venice Art Walk and the Venice Art Crawl.

On January 5, 2016, a fire burned down Flavio Bisciotti’s home art studio. The loss included his personal paintings, photographs and ephemera, furniture, objects, tools, materials, clothing, files, and things he had collected over his lifetime. After the initial shock and after speaking with friends, he came up with the idea to salvage the remains of the fire to create new artworks. Flavio has curated art exhibits in the past that has involved local artists. His idea for this exhibition is a collaborative community effort where the participants are able to make art to strengthen their relationship with fellow participants.The name of this project and series of exhibitions is called Palimpsest. I was able to come up with the name of the art project. One meaning of palimpsest is something erased but that still bears traces of its earlier form.

I provided art direction for the photography on his website, as well as web design and development. There is also a section for the new Palimsest-Venice art project borne out of the fire which will showcase new objects he’s created.


Client: Flavio Bisciotti – Visual Artist

Project: Web Design and Development, Art Direction of Photography