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LaDonna Parker – Psychotherapist

A modern psychotherapist serving an upwardly mobile Beverly Hills and West Los Angeles clientele.

LaDonna Parker is an African American therapist who works with a broad spectrum of people from many different cultures, lifestyles, experiences, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds.

Clients and potential clients can visit LaDonna’s website and feel a certain comfort level; here we have a professional well-designed website for a professional well-educated top-tier therapist. She is one of the best in her field.

In terms of design, we wanted to associate LaDonna’s practice with a modern aesthetic in order to convey the progressive sensibility she has when working with clients. This is reinforced by the logo design which includes a re-imagined therapist chaise lounge. LaDonna customizes her treatment plan on an individual basis based on up-to-date therapy techniques and philosophy. The clean design of the website translates to the approachable and accessible nature of therapy with LaDonna. The therapist – client relationship is one that is down-to-earth and honest and within reach.

The pure white of the design is punctuated with vibrant abstract expressionist color field patterns because color in art is a carrier of emotion. The colors chosen for the site are uplifting and vibrant and this is the promise of therapy.


Client: LaDonna Parker – Psychotherapist

Project: Web Design and Development, Logo Design


I love my website. It reflects who I am as a clinician and the message I want to convey to my client base.  Christine has the ability to creatively capture the essence of who you are.

LaDonna Parker